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GTA United States settled in the Ordos new energy car project

Ordos plot Motors Corporation Inauguration of new energy car project U.S. GTA ceremony recently held in the Ordos equipment manufacturing base. This marks the new energy automotive industry will become Eerduosi important strategic emerging industries, to provide a strong Tuidong Eerduosi pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and their key parts of the industry development path, in order to promote Eerduosi industrial upgrading and structural change with major role in promoting.

     The project design capacity of 600 000 new energy vehicles assembled production line, a total investment of 20 billion yuan. Project planning construction area of ​​85 square meters, covers an area of ​​5,000 acres (3,500 acres of which plant, parts 1500 acres). Investors for the U.S. auto companies and the GTA Rui Investment Group, each having a 50% stake.

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