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Beijing next year subsidies for new energy vehicles up to 120,000 / units

Industry sources, according to the "Beijing Automotive Industry" five "development plan", 2012, Beijing will have 300 million new energy vehicles in operation, each government subsidies for new energy vehicles up to up to 12 million.

    From the frenzy of pure electric technology, alternative fuels and shift to save the goal of common development of various energy-saving technologies, the development path of China's automobile industry is to return to reason.

    "In the full development of pure electric vehicles at the same time, the transition must grasp the development of hybrid vehicles." In the September 4 meeting of the "2011 China Automotive Industry Development Forum", Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry Soupault emphasized. This means that the hybrid vehicle from being marginalized, re-placed to take a more important position, it will be possible to get more support than the existing policy and market opportunities.

    Impassable hybrid

    "Now the electric car R & D long enough, there is a great practical from a distance, technology development also faces many problems, although the government gave huge subsidies, but the actual sales are not high, nor a climate." CPPCC Standing Committee, the National Expert Advisory Committee of the Energy Commission Zhang says.

    He believes the state in order to encourage electric cars, has provided vehicle purchase taxes do not pay huge subsidies and policies, but sales are still good, "promotion still have some problems." Problems because the electric vehicle technology, especially battery technology is not yet a breakthrough.

    "So at this stage, the hybrid may be more favored." Zhang said.

    In this regard, then speak of the Soviet-Polish echoed his view, the "five" period, the Ministry is one of the leading work to accelerate the development and the development of new energy automotive industry, insist on energy efficient cars and new energy vehicles merger, insist new energy efficient cars and improve environmental protection and vehicle safety, speed up the development of new energy vehicles. Specific measures include the master key technologies such as efficient transmission, a breakthrough battery, drive motor and control system and other core technologies. These work arrangements means that the State requirements for energy-saving technologies and new energy vehicle development go hand in hand.

    However, electrification is still the Chinese auto industry's future strategic direction, this direction has not changed.

    "Twelve Five" period, I think small and electrification of the car the two trends will converge, is the development of small electric cars the golden opportunity. "September 4, the national" 863 plan "major energy-saving and new energy vehicles, the overall project team leader, Professor Ouyang Ming Gao, Tsinghua University, said," the development of electric vehicles has been generally established by governments for the protection of energy security and the transformation of low-carbon economy important way. "

    Ouyang Ming Gao said 2020 will be a watershed. 2020, gasoline vehicles will continue to grow, after 2020 there will be a relatively large decline. He predicted that by 2020, global conventional hybrid rechargeable, extended-type mileage, electric, fuel cell vehicles will add up to nearly 18 million in annual sales.

    An experts said, for the technical line of argument, very superficial and meaningless. He believes that "in foreign-funded enterprises have started to develop electric cars for the Chinese market of the moment, we are still discussing which route to go, this is a very dangerous thing."

    "Twelve Five" period, is the diversification of energy, electric power are two major trends of unity, of a new generation of electric-drive platform, the technology of electric vehicles to seize the high ground. Ouyang Ming Gao at it, this is easy to say it, but it is very difficult to do.

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