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Japan earthquake aftermath still many parts factory production urgently
After half a year, the Japanese earthquake" aftermath" is still in the global automotive industry. A number of Japanese auto parts enterprises, because of insufficient capacity can not meet the demand, vehicle plant. Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said, in short supply situation, due in part to the Japanese car companies in the second half of the year to expand production capacity strategy. Toyota, Honda cars in China that second half of the year, hope to accelerate development, with March to May reduction of output loss.Japan Bridgestone tire company was unable to meet the order. Bridgestone company says, this year in July to December, will be the existence of at least 500000 tire notch, which is equivalent to its this year all the orders of the 5%. The reporter learns, affected factors, Bridgestone purchased the rubber shortage, so this year cannot produce enough tire.Production of the Japanese car bumper enterprises also in lack of raw materials. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation subsidiary Japan polypropylene is important raw material suppliers, production bumper need resin. The Japanese earthquake influence, Japan polypropylene company Kajima factories were forced to close for two months, on October is the factory of the conventional repair period, so the resin inventory is far cannot satisfy market demand.Spare parts supply difficult, has affected the whole enterprise. Reporter was informed that, in spite of FAW Toyota, Toyota at the end of 6 production returned to normal, imported Toyota production supply has returned to normal, but Lexus has not yet returned to normal levels of production. China is currently on the market, the Lexus appeared in a rare supply situation.Disclaimer: This article represents author individual point of view only, and unrelated. As well as its original text presentation and content of the text without the site confirmed, to this article as well as all or part of the contents, text authenticity, integrity, timeliness of this station does not make any guarantee or promise, the reader is only for reference, and please to verify the content.

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