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Tata Motors parts system to give up IPO listing plan
India parts maker TataAutoCompSystems announced cancellation of IPO plan.TataAutoCompSystems last year has been to the relevant management departments to submit IPO listing plan, and commissioned by the JM financial consulting company limited, Tata Capital Markets Limited and Morgan chase ( India) is responsible for the issuance of new shares and so on, but because the India market is flat, this year 7 month India market sales fell 16%, according to estimates, India in the year to increase sales halve. TataAutoCompSystems recently announced the cancellation of the plan.TataAutoCompSystems is part of the Tata Group, Tata holds 26% of its shares, TataAutoCompSystems production a series of components including internal and external decoration, engine cooling device, seat, wiring harness, battery, sheet metal stamping, rearview mirror and control cables. Fiat, Ford, GM, Volkswagen and Leland cars and so are their main customers.

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