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Honda global recall of nearly 1 million auto China 250000
In September 5, 2011, Honda Motor for electric window problem global recall of nearly 1 million cars, the Chinese market occupies 250000, recall to fit, CR-V models.This Monday, Honda announced in the global recall of 960000 vehicles fit compact car, CR-V models, to repair the vehicle electric window switch ( PowerWindowSwitch ) fault. It is reported, this time to recall the vehicles within the driver's seat, when the side power window switch from containing a siloxane solvent invasive, if continue to use, will make the switch contacts abnormal wear, powder produced from the accumulation, to achieve a certain degree, may cause a short circuit, heating, make the switch internal damage, extreme cases may lead to parts partial loss.According to the Chinese AQSIQ website news, recently Honda Motor Company Limited and Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company in accordance with the" defective automobile product recall management regulations" requirements, submitted to the AQSIQ recall report, the decision rises from September 15, 2011, August 8, 2005 to December 8, 2007 during the production of the recall of 145542 cars, flying from August 1, 2005 to August 22, 2007 during the production of the Si Di ( City ) of 81547 cars, and from January 11, 2006 to March 5, 2007 the production of CR-VSUV ( area ) 28677, the number of vehicles totaled 255766 vehicles. Honda Motor Co. and Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company Limited will be free for objects within the vehicle to replace the new driver side power window switch, to eliminate the hidden danger.In Japan, this recall involves the models included in 2005 October to 2009 October production fit models.Honda spokesman in Tokyo said, so far there is no any information about the fault causes the traffic accident reports, while the company did not disclose the global recall cost.

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