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Volkswagen will launch reengineering the initial capacity of 5000 Taiwan engine
The Volkswagen Group and China FAW Group is joint-stock build powertrain manufacturing base -- Volkswagen FAW engine ( Dalian ) limited power assembly remanufacturing project recently in Dalian Jinzhou new put into production. The initial investment of about 100000000 yuan, is the early days of engine remanufacturing, future gearbox re-manufacturing also incorporated therein.The so-called remanufacturing industry, product life cycle theory as the instruction, will waste product to use technical means to repair, renovation and the same warranty industry. With the new production engines, have obvious price advantage; and compared with overhaul, replacing time shorter, spare parts for longer life.Reportedly, the initial project plan an annual capacity of 5000, the first production of EA888 series engine of 20 kinds of products, applicable models including MAGOTAN, Sagitar, golf GTI, Audi Q5, Audi A4L and Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan, Hao Rui, Octavia, etc.. By 2014, the remanufacture engine production capacity will reach 15000 units, products will be covered many models of Volkswagen in china.

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