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Bridgestone tires that lack of inventory

Bridgestone tire rubber has told OEMs because of the shortage, this year can not be an adequate supply of tires. Bridgestone spokesman said the July to December, there will be 500 000 (5% of all orders this year) the tire shortage.

     According to reports, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of Japan Polypropylene Corporation has the same problem, due to the earthquake in Japan in March, its Kashima plant forced to close for two months, while routine maintenance is the factory in October, resulting in production bumper need less resin inventory.

     Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) President Toshiyuki Shiga said that as the earthquake in Japan in March, the Japanese OEMs are currently in the rapidly expanding production to compensate for the March to May, the loss of suppliers are ready to expand later this year production.

     Japan's vehicle production plant in May fell 30.9 percent in June production fell 14 percent in July production fell 8.9%.

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