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Wing has set up production plants in Jurong Island green tires

Japanese chemical industry enterprises have Wing (ZeonCorporation) said it first opened in Singapore, synthetic rubber (syntheticrubber) factory, the production of environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient tires, to meet the growing demand in Asia. This is the company's first major investment in local projects.

     This home is located in Jurong Island, the solution polymerization SBR (solutionpolymerizedstyrene-butadienerubber, referred to SSBR) factory groundbreaking was held yesterday, the new plant will be commissioned in two phases, beginning in July 2013 operation, the annual production of 30000-40000 tonnes per year since the first half of 2016, production will increase from 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes.

     Takahashi was straight-wing president and chairman of pure (NaozumiFurukawa) released a statement the company said the investment will allow the company to the 2020 solution polymerization SBR annual turnover more than doubled to 400 million increased $ 22 million target cross-step closer.

     He said: "We can settle down quite satisfied Jurong Island, we not only obtain the necessary raw materials from here, will become more close to the market in the region and more importantly, the Jurong Island petrochemical companies a unique and active environment, where the support has to begin production of high-quality wing solution polymerization SBR products. "

     Jurong Jurong Island is one of the Group's development projects, as the guest of honor yesterday at the groundbreaking ceremony for the JTC Cluster Administrator with Shunbao Biochemistry and Economic Development Bureau director Liang Dingwei energy and chemical industry.

     Polymer solution can be made SBR tires Zengrong portfolio now accounts for 10%, with the opening of the new plant, the company expects this ratio can be increased to over 20%.

     Recently, a number of the first petrochemical company located in Japan, China to set up a local chemical plant investment, mainly in order to purchase Exxon Mobil and Shell in the establishment of new large-scale local petrochemical cracking plants to produce raw materials.

     The Japanese chemical companies, including Zeng Rong, Sumitomo Chemical and Asahi Kasei Chemicals, the three companies will set up in Jurong Island, synthetic rubber or SBR plant.

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