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Toyota was named the AQSIQ more cars stuck "off-axis door"

Just the shadow of the global recall of Toyota Motor recovery will take time to get out of the quagmire, and the company again because of quality problems in China, AQSIQ has been named.

    The morning of August 29, AQSIQ held a news conference. AQSIQ chief, spokesman Li Yuanping released the first half of this year, product quality and the basic situation, the report referred to "Toyota Camry (Camry), Reiz (Reiz), imports of high-handed (Prado) and other Toyota cars type occurred more than axle broken off, front brake disc rupture, brake failure and other accidents, resulting in greater casualties and property losses. " In response, Toyota, China spokesman Niu Yu said: "Toyota is still the current understanding of the situation, no other information can be disclosed."

    "Collective" off-axis

    "AQSIQ named Toyota's quality problems, we want to help solve my case." Reiz owners Jianming told reporters that he is a Toyota "off-axis door" of the victims. In February 2007, Li Jianming purchased Reiz. January 26, 2009, Li Jianming drove to Jinggangshan. During his driving speed of 100 kilometers per hour, without any signs of the case, the car suddenly lost control and left side, then his foot on the brake, the car went out of control after a period of S-shaped stopped. Li Jianming said after viewing the car's left front wheel bearing head fracture.

    First day of work after the Spring Festival, Li Jianming submitted to the 4S shop complaints of vehicles bearing breakage report and ask for an immediate report to the manufacturer. February 11 (the accident 16 days), Toyota sent to Jiangxi and Guangdong highway at the scene found a 23 m-long impact marks, so that the vehicle front axle to severing. Subsequently, the South China FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Zhong Qi, head of technology, issued a handwritten identification results: "Guangdong A37 Reiz car, the physical and on-site investigation, non-product quality problems caused the accident."

    Both sides Guangzhou Consumer Council mediation fails, in the year June 23 in Guangzhou Huangpu District People's Court, Li Jianming with FAW and Toyota dealer to court. Lee said that in the trial, Huangpu District People's Court issued the report of forensic automotive sector more than a year, and no professionally qualified and refused to testify, the court sentenced Li Jianming lost, since case is transferred to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court. Li Jianming said, "the case to trial again, I hope more than two years of struggle to have a fair case to say."

    In the major automotive forum, the reporter found that the Toyota Motor in China, "off-axis door" cases more. For example in March 2009, in Shanghai to Suzhou, Nantong, along the highway segment, Zhang Yan Camry driving 100 km per hour speeds on the road, the right rear wheel of the car suddenly snapped. Suzhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, along the high-speed accident Division brigade, commissioned Suzhou City Traffic Patrol Police Detachment Vehicle Management of the accident vehicle identification, concluded that: "the car right rear axle (part number: 8505C) system moving suddenly broken The quality of doubt. "In addition, Toyota overbearing (Prado) also had a similar incident, October 28, 2008, a Mongolian B66636 3400 Toyota overbearing, to the normal driving at 158 ​​km in Inner Mongolia S211 road, suddenly off-axis Speed ​​turned round, resulting in two major unilateral death and one injury accident. Off-axis event even spread to the Lexus. Beijing Lexus owners Leung buy more than two years, less than 4 million km of driving the Lexus ES350, at low speed when the front axle and causing a sudden rupture accident.

    Cause of quality defects bearing point

    In many cases, Toyota has denied the quality of treatment. FAW-Toyota, said public relations director Ma Chunping, the name of the State Administration of Quality Supervision surprised, company background check by the customer complaint cases, complaints information in the past two years, only two cases of complaints axle fracture occurred due to traffic accidents resulting crashes axle broken, not because of axle fracture resulting accident.

    However, identification of centers reporting and recall records point to a Toyota car bearing quality.

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