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Frankfurt Motor Show will become the biggest highlight of the electric car

Frankfurt Motor Show (FrankfurtAutoShow) be held in mid-September, when most car manufacturers will launch their latest electric vehicles and conventional vehicles.

     Now all the world's major car manufacturers are spending huge sums to build power plants, to eliminate or reduce fossil fuel use. Gasoline-electric hybrid Toyota Prius has expanded its lineup of electric vehicles, such as the launch of the Chevrolet Nissan Volvo and hear the wind electric cars. United States, Germany, Belgium and China are positioning for the future of electric vehicles the best-selling models, and these countries are spending huge sums for the development of electric vehicles.

     American's latest IT analyst firm GartnerGroup survey showed that only 16 percent of Germans consider the purchase of electric cars, and plan to buy a conventional gasoline vehicles were accounted for 52% plan to buy hybrid vehicles, diesel and natural gas powered vehicles respectively 43%, 37% and 25%. While Germany's findings can not represent the whole of Europe, but Germany is Europe's largest car market, car sales in Europe accounted for almost 25% of sales, so the findings can reflect to some extent, the future of the European market the sale of electric cars situation.

     According to Gartner's report, the German government must re-examine its policy of electric vehicles, stepping up to improve battery technology research and development, engine technology and expand the integration of other ways.

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