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Great Wall Motor departed return to 3.17 billion A shares and fund-raising

As early as 2003 in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Great Wall Motor's return to A shares. Great Wall Motor Company today officially launched the IPO issues, the company intends to release no more than 304 million A shares, of its total issued share capital of 10%, plans to raise 3.17 billion yuan of funds, to invest in engines, transmissions, axles and other projects.

     Great Wall Motor main business of automobile and auto parts research and development, production and sales, now with SUV, sedan, pickup three categories combined production capacity of 400,000 vehicles, while the formation of engine, transmission, axles, etc. core components of the self-supporting ability. Company for 13 years to keep pickup sales, market share, exports, market holdings first.

     In recent years, the company's own brand to achieve growth in against the tide. 2008 to 2010, the company pickup sales were approximately 63000, 75000 and 99000, a CAGR of 25.4%. In 2010, the company pickup truck market share of 27.1%, nearly 13 percentage points more than second place. SUV business is the company's core business the most, is the company's revenue and profit during the reporting period the most important source. 2008 to 2010, the company SUV sales were approximately 44,000, 58,000 and 137,000, a CAGR of 76.5%. In 2010, the company SUV market share of 11.3%, re-aspirations SUV sales first.

     Chairman Wei army figuratively, do not turn to overtake its own brand. Great Wall Motor in the international market has become a known brand, he thought Great Wall Motor Sales of one product, the second is the brand. Great Wall Motor emphasize cost-effective, will gradually have a higher profile.

     Industry sources pointed out, the car manufacturers, the core competitiveness lies in the value chain of control, the entire assembly simply low value-added, profit margin is small, but the core components of the front end and back-end R & D and marketing sales growing added value and brand operations, as key drivers of competition in the industry.

     It is understood that the company has identified five ministries Development and Reform Commission and other state-level enterprise technical centers, investment into the test, prototype, modeling, engineering four centers, the Great Wall Automobile Technology Center with a leading automotive research and development level.

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