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Europa de Power boosting China's auto parts new opportunities

China's auto industry to grow stronger in the node, the core components of autonomous vehicle technology to improve strength, is the most important. For the urgent development of China's auto industry, powertrain technology is relatively backward, is the key to strong constraints on their variable constraints. Chinese parts opportunities? The industry has been exploring. The rapid development of automobile market, after-sales market growth potential, the state's industrial policy support, the further development of global sourcing, etc., will become China's auto parts business development opportunities. As Asia's largest manufacturer of powertrain, Europa German results to verify the growth of China's auto parts industry.

    September 8, the upcoming opening of the Beijing International Exhibition parts can be described as an outcome of China's auto parts industry showcase. It is reported that German power group Europa powertrain will be the first to debut as the China International Auto Parts Exhibition.

    All along, the domestic engine technology is relatively backward, automatic transmission technology is a breakthrough in China's car prices can not be technical bottleneck. Addition, the state, especially for diesel passenger cars are diesel policy "wind" is always subtle changes, causing a lot of parts and vehicle manufacturers for the development of powertrain technology had to slow down and wait for the change.

    However, success is often a pioneer. Widespread attention in the national automobile development, neglect the development of the case parts, Europa German power group keen to note that the auto parts industry's strategic development opportunities, including to develop clean diesel engines and automatic transmissions and other quality products out of the a powertrain manufacturing in the core, a "technical cooperation + innovation" as a breakthrough, driving joint development of upstream and downstream industries of automotive road of rejuvenation.

    It is understood, Europa German power group as early as 2006, they have their own professional R & D team, and met with VM, Bosch, Honeywell parts and other international companies have established close cooperative relations, commitment to clean diesel engines and AT automatic transmission technology R & D and production. Currently, Europa Germany is China's most technologically advanced automotive powertrain business is one of the only control of both the sedan and AT automatic transmission diesel engine technology, two core businesses. The environmentally friendly diesel engine, low fuel consumption, power is strong, torque, etc., the transmission has a compact structure, fewer parts, low cost, low noise, long life and high performance characteristics. And, since January 2010, the Europa German engine and automatic transmission, both off the assembly line, it were to become China's first Euro IV emissions standards and the first clean diesel cars can be used for high-end passenger cars 4 / 6-speed automatic transmission AT, tested, Europa German engine and transmission, whether the level of technical level and quality have reached the European standard of similar products.

    On this basis, accompanied by German powertrain Europa projects into full production phase, in 2011, Europa Germany will gradually widening its new progress in cooperation with foreign countries. According to Europa German market development director, at present, Europa Germany has more than 10 independent automotive and domestic enterprises to establish a match to develop relations, especially with the Lifan Group, SG Automotive Group and other companies to enter the substantive stage of cooperation, estimated that there will soon be equipped with new Europa German powertrain will be available.

    According to Europa relevant person in charge of Germany, Europa German Power Group now has annual production capacity of 300,000 engines and 450,000 automatic transmissions in production capacity. The path will reach 100 million units of engines, transmissions million units of production scale, this not only for the Chinese auto parts enterprises to establish a benchmark for technology and scale of the double, but also for their own brands made in the powertrain technology to open up on the road a new era. With core parts of its area in China, especially in the powertrain achievements in the field, is expected to lengthen the short piece of board up a bit, will effectively encourage the development of China's auto parts brand confidence.

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