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Bosch Freescale chip R & D efforts

Bosch Automotive Electronics and Freescale Semiconductor R & D department will work together to create a reference platform for automotive airbags. For emerging markets such as India and China's auto safety.

     The new airbag reference platform based on Freescale's microcontroller chips and Bosch-specific standard products (ASSP) chips. Bosch and Freescale will be part of their responsibility to provide sales and technical support.

     Freescale's senior vice president and sales director HenriRichad said that the new airbag reference platform is a very good quality and very practical, inexpensive. Can help local suppliers to reduce design risk. Bosch also said that the platform is preset with presentation software.

     Bosch and Freescale both in India and China, said the Freescale Technology Forum on the first show this result, and then in the first quarter of 2012.

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