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Resolution: The Da Vinci false fire event reminders mahogany furniture market

Leonardo da Vinci to import furniture fraud case cast a shadow over part of the high-end consumer group aimed to show the local Chinese-style mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture make the market even more prosperous, the price quickly soared into the trend. The endless stream of material mahogany furniture industry as real, the standard confusion, poor consumers the ability to identify "chaos" also hamper the development of the industry. August 20, at the China Furniture Association, China Forestry Industry Association, the China Consumer Association, Beijing Furniture Association and other expert advisory body composed of "armed", the home actually opened in Redwood City a shot a "full protection True "on the cover, and with the yuan Henry, Midland, dark hair, and other famous brands together to make a" fake a lose two "commitment. Experts, stores, businesses tripartite, trying to get out of mahogany furniture industry credit crisis.

    Leonardo da Vinci mahogany furniture more fire to fraud

    Spent 50 million on the purchase of furniture, in order to expensive high-end furniture brand, known for "Da Vinci" can only buy a sofa and a single bed, mahogany furniture in the market, the price you can buy red wood carved red wood top cabinet and sets the palace chairs. Now, in a large flock of high-end furniture market among consumers, they did not hesitate to choose to buy mahogany furniture, all because once a symbol of identity and status of Da Vinci furniture as fraud case has been notorious the past to support purdah no knowledge of the market is red mahogany furniture of the day.

    August 20, Redwood City was home the opening ceremony, or the home of the statue when it opened last year, coming out of Baoguo on the scene, and several major mahogany furniture brand showroom turn over and over, cause for concern. Redwood City is actually home this year heavily to build brand mahogany professional market, shop at home actually Lize five, the business area of ​​20,000 square meters, brought together into a long smooth, Yuan Henry, dark hair, Union, Midland, line 31 of the line so well-known brand of wood furniture. As a surprise, House Brand Ambassador, Bao-Guo Chen is a "mahogany fans." The appearance of the post in addition to doing publicity, but also hidden "selfish" and want to seek a suitable mahogany tables and chairs. "In recent years, I bought a lot of mahogany furniture, this stuff is our ancestors left behind precious cultural heritage, historical, and good taste, culture, and is worthy of collection of treasures."

    Yuan Bao-Guo Chen Henry is a "treasure hunt trip," the first foothold. Although his appearance attracted many consumers onlookers, but Yuan Bo Henry, general manager of furniture is not so very proud. "Even without the celebrity to join me from worry about the popularity and sales, the mahogany furniture now too good to sell, and consumers buy on the make." This is Bo's feelings. Data show that this year despite the price, the stock market decline, mahogany furniture, still on the rise. From January to August, the general rise in prices of raw materials wood products by 15% -20%, finished goods prices rose by 30% -40%. Among them, only a class of red mahogany wood materials, the prices last year rose 150% -170%, such as Rosewood in November last year the price of $ 50,000 / ton, about 12 yuan / ton.

    As the scarcity of raw materials, mahogany furniture prices beginning in 2001 rising, but beyond this year's increase is expected for all people in the industry, especially July and August already is the home market "low season", it had to due to DaVinci strange fraud case. "The Da Vinci furniture and consumer goods are high-end mahogany furniture, high-end consumers to have their pride, when Leonardo da Vinci fraud incident was exposed, people will naturally tend to balance mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture, let alone that year in the value of collectibles. "Bo said, is expected in October mahogany furniture prices will rise.

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