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3 minutes for the battery electric vehicle can be put into use Universiade

China's first pure electric passenger car automatic quick-change battery and intelligent network management system, recently at the 25th Universiade in use, which marked China's new energy vehicles in the business model innovation and application has taken important step.

     It is reported that electric car development is a key issue is the car battery slowly, able to run the mileage charge after a short, safe battery use and maintenance is also worrying. China Putian Group, led by the self-developed, with independent intellectual property rights of the network system solved these problems. The system can within 3 minutes of different types of electric vehicles for the full electric power shortage battery replacement battery for power consumption and the traditional filling of vehicle fuel or very time-consuming, with a design optimization, system control and advanced technology, high application resistance and high reliability. China Putian developed different types of electric vehicles, quick-change equipment and systems, has been successfully applied to the bus during the Universiade quick-change stations, reaching a low-cost, high efficiency applications.

     Matched, China Putian is also reference to communication network "whole network" management philosophy, the success of the first self-developed cities for new energy electric vehicle charging network intelligence management system. The intelligent management system can ensure that the electric vehicle charging and operational safety, improve the efficient use of battery power, extending battery life.

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