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Damage the engine bearings *** bearings feature

As the world's top bearings *** bearings, the use is widespread. Each industry, the damage characteristics are also different. Engineer Research Co., Ltd. Shanghai shaft you on *** bearings for the sliding bearing failure characteristics.

    1, *** bearings cavitation

    *** bearings sliding bearings in the cylinder pressure shock loading) repeated under the action of the outer surface of plastic deformation and cold soft attack, part of the loss can be deformed, and gradually form a pattern has been expanded, and then fall off as wear debris, in the loading outside surface to form a hole. Individual bearing cavitation attack, the pit is to emerge, and then gradually expand this pit and cause cracking of alloy layer interface, the crack along the interface parallel to the direction of expansion, until the peel up. Bearing an important cause of cavitation is because the tank and the hole cross-section of structural elements such as a sudden change in oil flow caused by violent disorder, disorder in the oil flow area of ​​the formation of vacuum bubbles, and then because the pressure decreased, while the onset of cavitation bubble collapse . Onset of cavitation in individual *** high load bearing areas, such as the crankshaft main bearings on the lower bearing.

    2, mechanical damage

    *** Bearings Bearing mechanical damage is the appearance of the emergence of the alloy bearing different levels of grooves, the appearance of a major attack when in contact with the metal strip and the emergence of large disorder scratch; individual circumstances, the contact surface damage and ablation of sight exist . Form an important bearing mechanical injury is the cause of the appearance of bearing oil film is difficult to form a film or major damage.

    3, fatigue pitting

    *** Bearing fatigue pitting is because the task initiated by machine overload, making the task of bearing overheating and bearing clearance too large to form a central bearing fatigue damage, fatigue pitting may be tired off. Most of this damage is due to overload, bearing clearance too large, may smooth the oil is not clean, due to a foreign body within the mixed. Thus, the use of bearings to avoid overload when the task should focus not to low or high speed operation; idle machine to initiate transfers to the solid state; ensure proper bearing clearance, sponsored machine to avoid excessive speed or too low; review the task of regulating the cooling system status, to ensure that the task of initiating machine temperature affordable.

    4, *** bearings alloy corrosion

    *** Bearing alloys eroded area is smooth and oil the individual is impure, smooth oil platform in the chemical impurities (acid oxides, etc.) to generate acid oxidation bearing alloy materials, causing some loss bearing alloy to form a small hole or no rules small pits. Bearing alloy is an important cause of erosion of the improper selection of smooth oil bearing materials resistant to corrosion and poor, the task may initiate machine rude, warm weather advanced.

    5, *** bearings pillow melting

    Journal and bearing friction between the tiny raised indirect contact with the metal surface to form part of the low temperature, in the absence of smooth, cool under adverse conditions, or part of the bearing alloy black pillow melting. This failure is often caused by too tight with the journal and bearing; smooth the lack of oil pressure can easily destroy the bearing.

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