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Goodyear Dalian Tire Snorkel was re-affirmed

Recently, Snorkel's been competitive products A38E Volvo car factory in the Daimler-Benz factories of all ages and under, with its excellent performance once again affirmed the Dalian Goodyear tires.

     As China's largest manufacturer of tires, Goodyear tires required under the premise of safe, durable, very concerned about him in the limited space available within the space and hanging cantilevers scope of work, especially in the narrow space is able to remains safe and efficient application is most important. Snorkel the A38E product, with its improved speed, long cycle battery DC-driven walking, lifting and turning, no pollution, no emissions, light and smart, safe, durable and other advantages in the industry have been recognized, especially up close and its tail swinging wide the hanging cantilevers operating range (up to maximum lateral overhang 6.1 m) is satisfied in a narrow space efficient application features.

     Snorkel currently available A38E product is already a new tire plant in Shanghai, Shell oil plant, the fourth Petroleum Machinery Factory and other factories in Chengdu Banknote Printing Plant has been widely applied and obtained a good reputation. The machines from the northeastern region's only official agent Snorkel - Toyota Forklift Co., Ltd. Dalian bid. Dalian Forklift Co., Toyota is the sole North and Northeast regions to obtain aerial vehicles and forklift repair, maintenance qualification B-class companies, with strong sales and service force.

     As the saying goes: "Gold Silver praised as the user, the user reputation as Gold Cup Silver Cup." SnorkelA38E excellent performance of Goodyear's high marks, Dalian Toyota forklift with a high degree of service the power to get the nod from Goodyear, Goodyear executives said, good attract the best, next year the company will continue to choose such a great machine!

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