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Thailand's first car tax incentives to stimulate the domestic auto industry production response

According to Thailand "World News" reported on August 24, Thailand Automotive Industry Institute, said a spokesman for Surayud climbing the face of government will soon introduce the relevant policies to stimulate car sales, automobile manufacturers in Thailand have said they would increase capacity.

    It is reported that the government will introduce the first vehicles in the public policy of tax relief, worth 100 million baht policy provides the following cars will be able to get a 10 million baht in the following tax-deductible. This policy is designed to help young people just entering the work and income the first few people to buy cars.

    Surayud said the climb, to determine if the government introduced the policy, will lead to significant increase in car sales. If you do not expand production capacity, then the purchaser may be scheduled after 2-3 months to get the car, especially in some energy-efficient cars, according to the current supply may be out of stock situation. Therefore, the manufacturers have started gearing up, increase production capacity to seize the market.

    2012, Nissan (Nissan) and Honda (Honda) after the successful launch of fuel-efficient cars, Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) and Suzuki (Suzuki) will enter the energy-saving car market. According to the manufacturers plan to produce fuel-efficient vehicles sold in Thailand only, but a large part will be exported to Japan. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet (Chevrolet), Ford (Ford) also said it would increase the load-bearing car and 1 ton truck production.

    Now people are concerned about the first cars to reduce tax burden the specific content of the policy is expected that this policy will lead to increased car sales in Thailand. This stimulus, vehicle production is expected to rise 10 percent to 1.8 million.

    Surayud said the climb, the government will soon introduce a new policy news, has not led to the current decline in car orders. This is because the current rise in consumer spending power, on the other hand reflects consumer confidence is rising. At present most attention is the fuel-efficient vehicles and 1 ton truck load.

    Surayud climb that relief 95 petrol, 91 gasoline and diesel fuel costs in particular cases, will help stimulate sales of cars and motorcycles, but not significantly increased.

    Thailand's auto exports in 2011 is still an upward trend in 2011, Thailand will reach the target of exporting 1 million. Most of the export to Asian markets and Australia. However, the market had been strong in the Middle East because of political factors, exports fell.

    July 2011 car exports 75,803 vehicles, compared with 13.47% by 2010, equivalent to 57.2 billion $ 24.9 million baht. Mainly because of parts shortages. Meanwhile, motorcycle exports reached 104,628 units, increasing 40.99% year on year, equivalent to 3.3 billion 9,281 million baht. Cumulative car exports from January to July 2011, 476,708 vehicles, to reduce the 5.75%, equivalent to 3,165 billion 27 million baht. Motorcycle export 658,505 vehicles, increased 57.12%, equivalent to 24.2 billion 9,246 million baht.

    Surayud climbing forecast, the fourth quarter of 2011 cars will get rid of the impact of industry-strand breaks, after the resumption of automobile production, exports will rise immediately.

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