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Bosch intends to build the next generation of lithium-ion battery German pilot production line

Bosch said, for the next-generation lithium-ion battery materials and production processes of research, the company will build a pilot production line in Eisenach, from the 2012 production of the first batch of test samples, the annual output in 2015 reached more than 200,000, followed by preparation for marine Applications for mass production.

     In this pilot project, Bosch battery materials R & D with BASF in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp System Engineering (ThyssenKruppSystemEngineering) aspects of the production process.

     Bosch will gradually expand the project development team to 80 people, members of the group is committed to developing the anode, cathode and electrolyte materials, and their findings will be directly applied to the production process.

     A new generation of lithium-ion batteries in non-automotive applications effectively complements Bosch and Samsung joint venture SBLiMotive the business.

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