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The Canadian province of Ontario, funded to promote the development of electric vehicle charging stations

Ontario, Canada has announced that in order to facilitate more home use electric vehicles, Ontario government will launch a C $ 80 million seed fund project to promote electric vehicle charging station universal. Ontario will launch the project of establishment of electric vehicle charging facilities, testing and further spread to the general public, private collection program, selected the program will be the Ontario government plans to provide seed funding.

     Ontario launched the fund to ensure that the layout plan electric vehicle charging station convenient enough to drive electric cars more favored by the market. Ontario had been introduced to consumers incentives to purchase electric vehicles, including $ 5,000 to $ 8,500 per month plus a discount, and permit the use of Ontario's large-lane "green license."

     Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty DaltonMcGuinty said, "To ensure vehicle charging stations to meet the energy demand for next-generation vehicles, Ontario is taking a new step in action, as Ontario and strive for the North American auto production as the first ranking we are in North America to become a leader in the field of clean energy and continuous efforts. the statement that we are from that goal a step closer. "

     Infrastructure Ontario Director of the Office BobChiarelli said, "This is the Ontario government to focus on the future development of Ontario. To promote renewable energy development will not only save the people of Ontario for the day to day living expenses, but also help protect our the environment. "

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