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Japanese auto industry to accelerate the transfer of China as an important export base

In mid-May, one from Japan in the Chinese market spread gossip: Considering Japan is an earthquake-prone countries, the future of Japan's automotive industry will be entirely to China tilted.

    Although the printing of news from Honda's not been confirmed, but industry analysts, after the earthquake, to minimize the non-anti-factors on the impact of the Japanese automotive industry issues of concern to the industry in general. China's auto market to Japanese auto industry plays an important role. Suppose one day the Chinese market, Japanese cars are no longer there, which the Japanese automobile industry is a fatal blow.

    In fact, rumor has it been confirmed that it does not matter, recently, the Japanese car industry to invest in China frequently, and its intensity than ever before - May 30, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Jiangsu Danyang City jointly launched the " Japanese small and medium auto parts cluster "-based Industrial Park, Danyang Japanese auto parts; June 7, Japan's largest OEM supplier of automotive brake systems - Advics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. was officially settled in Changzhou, Jiangsu Management and industrial and commercial establishment approval and registration; June 13, from Fortune 500 companies in Japan Yazaki Group's investment of 1.5 billion Japanese Yazaki Auto Parts project settled in Xiaogan high-tech zones; June 14, by the Government and the public a joint venture established in Japan industrial innovation agency announced plans to expand into small and medium enterprises jointly by Japan's auto parts in China to set up the business.

    In the past year, the Japanese Honda sales in China rose 12.2 percent to 646,600, while Toyota sold 846,000, up 19 percent, far exceeding the global growth. Nissan's production in China increased sharply by 33.9% to $ 1.012 million.

    Although China is not the only factor to save the Japanese car, but China had the ability and capacity of carrying the hopes of saving the Japanese automotive industry.

    Japan's auto industry to accelerate the transfer to China

    This year's earthquake in the Japanese automotive industry is a fatal blow. According to the Japanese Finance Ministry on May 25 announced the initial April trade statistics show that auto exports dropped 67% year on year, to 255.3 billion yen, the highest since January 1979, the lowest.

    June 10, Toyota announced that fiscal 2011 net profit to decline 31 percent to 280 billion yen (about $ 3.5 billion); Honda Motor Co. also announced that the company expected net profit this fiscal year will fell 63.5% to 19.5 billion yen (about $ 2.44 billion), net profit for the decline are both caused by the earthquake in Japan's global production and sales has shrunk sharply. Analysis of the industry in the next few years, the Toyota, Honda will suffer the pain of the earthquake, thereby affecting its position in the global automotive market.

    Disaster "butterfly effect" can not avoid the earthquake on the global automotive industry have had a serious impact. The lack of auto parts from Japan, a number of German car manufacturer had to suspend production. The major automobile plants and shortage of spare parts for electronic chips, chip stock directly affects the German automobile industry. Ford has warned the United States, because the shortage of spare parts from Japan, the company may slow down or suspend its production activities in Asia Pacific.

    Japanese automotive industry led off a whole chain pattern, highlighting the Japanese auto industry in the global advantage. In order to prevent such risks, many countries in the global auto giants began to re-looked at, looking for new partners, or to establish the relative safety of the production base, rather than relying on Japan. In this context, China will become the preferred partner of many countries. One is from the 2009 China has become the world's automotive powerhouse, China is itself the focus of business, the advantage is obvious in the local production; the other hand, many parts of China or set up auto parts industrial park, to meet the parts industrial problems. Thus, not only in Japan, the United States, Germany and other auto parts giants have already invested in China. Michelin, Johnson Controls, Delphi, Visteon and other transnational parts giant, their distribution in China even before the Japanese companies.

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