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Zhejiang Shaoxing: Qi Cheng brake pads low quality

Car sales services, which allow consumers the most unpleasant problem? This morning, held in Shaoxing City of Industry Practice auto consumer rights of publicity will bring together the city 41 car 4S shops and auto repair business executives at the meeting informed the auto sales and service business there is the eight issues, and announced the detection of auto parts results.

Consumer complaint: Complaint more than eight

At the meeting, City of Industry, Consumer Protection Bureau released statistics show that from January to July, the city appeals command center reported a total of 12315 vehicles received 228 complaints, an increase of 14.6%. In all consumer complaints, the complainant has 31 auto repair business, the complaints have 197 car 4S shop.

According to reports, consumer complaints surge in automobile, auto sales and service business are mainly there "eight issues" as consumers retreat deposit (deposit) is difficult to buy a new car after the quality problems are found, there car repair signs, car repair times the problem persists, do not buy a car after the time of commitment to honor, the problem continued after the car, the car has been dragging the certificate does not give, fails to agree to use the original accessories.

Quality inspection: brake pads three percent pass rate

It is understood that complaints surge in the automotive, industrial and commercial bureau in the city of Shaoxing City, within the context of the circulation of auto parts special test action. The quality inspection had taken 20 batches of automotive brake linings (brake pads) and seven batches of automotive air conditioning refrigerant.

Upon examination, 14 batches of brake failure, of which 12 batches of substandard flag logo, specify the failed friction coefficient Tolerance two batches, passing rate was 30%.

City of Industry, the analysts believe that the passing rate is low is due to the friction material manufacturers for lower prices, profit margins are small, high labor cost of production, so shoddy, shoddy, coupled with the production process Quality control is not strict, resulting in commodity markets and bad. In addition, because the price disparity between genuine and counterfeit goods, and the vast majority of consumers can not distinguish between a small number of unscrupulous traders took the opportunity to use shoddy refrigerant refrigerant posing as genuine, or inferior in authentic adding refrigerant mixed refrigerant in sales, an automotive cooling agent leakage, poor cooling effect.

Consumer Alert: Beware of the part is "perpetrating a fraud"

In the morning the city vehicles at the consumer publicity rights practices, City of Industry, the presence of the responsible persons of the executive interviews and comments, emphasizing the auto companies and operators should pay attention to quality, service and reputation, and guide the vehicle to establish the actual sales 4S shop Price, warehousing vehicles, pre-conditions, open storage of vehicles "four public system", a sound record car sales form contract mechanism.

At the meeting, City of Industry issued a consumer alert to remind consumers to choose a regular maintenance repair station, not "sick doctor chaos", or more likely the more bad repair. Also, pay attention to quality parts, auto parts on the market because there are original pieces, attached plant parts of the points, the difference in price can vary up to several times, some operators to make a profit, often to take the production of parts with factory parts posing the original pieces sold to consumers.

It is worth mentioning is that consumers must be in the car long when a "mind", if indeed special circumstances, need to find the nearest point of maintenance, repairs, spare parts to choose good, the next monitor in the replacement parts carefully was "shoddy" or "substitution." Do not forget to ask for credentials after repair, in the car for repair, should ask in advance the scope of maintenance, repair should be obtained before payment, after clearing the list, in case of consumer disputes when the evidence-based.

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