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Honda build a new plant in Mexico, 5.1 billion annual investment 200,000

Honda subsidiary in Mexico, today announced it will invest about $ 800 million (about 5.116 billion yuan Note ) in Mexico to build new automobile production plant. The new plant is located in the state of existing plants where Harry El Sato Scott City, about 340 km east of Guanajuato province of Zelaya suburbs, the annual output will reach 20 million.

     To further meet the North American market, including Mexico, the growing demand for small cars, the new plant will be a small vehicle and engine production, and the localization of parts procurement to further expand the scale, will also make full use of the advantages of global sourcing, establish an efficient production system, provide the market with high quality and low price of automotive products. The new plant is expected to put into operation in the first half of 2014, when full production is expected to 3,200 employees.

     Honda's subsidiary in Mexico, founded in September 1985, 1987, the import and sale of motorcycles, the following year began in March 1988, the production of motorcycle parts. Car production started in 1995, the first model for the Accord. Put into operation in 2007 CR-V, currently has an annual production capacity of 60,000. 2010 Honda in Mexico's domestic sales reached 40,000 vehicles (an increase of 7%), sales grew steadily.

     The New Mexico plant will be the new Honda in North America's first eight auto plants. Plant put into operation, Honda's automobile production capacity in North America from the current 1.63 million to 1.83 million in 2014.

     Honda spirit of "there is a demand in the local production" concept, beginning in September 1979 in the United States localization of motorcycle production. November 1982 in the United States of 38,908, became the first Japanese passenger cars in the U.S. car manufacturers. Since then, Honda expanded the scale of local production in North America, as of July 2011, Honda's total vehicle production in North America, more than 2,285 million.

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