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Bosch Group intends to acquire Unipoint

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division intends to acquire Unipoint Group and its subsidiaries and Unipoint, NSA brand.

    Unipoint Group mainly for aftermarket production engines, generators, temperature control components and wipers. Unipoint Group's 2010 sales reached $ 124 million, currently in China, Taiwan and other production bases, a total of around 2360 employees. Bosch and Unipoint Group August 9, 2011 signed a trade agreement, both sides agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The agreement still needs to obtain relevant regulatory approvals.

    Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division is the acquisition Unipoint Group to consolidate its engines and generators in the leading position, but also for temperature control investments, in addition to Bosch has acquired a wiper production base in Asia.

    Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Division Chairman of the Board RobertHanser said the acquisition goal is to consolidate the Bosch engine, generator, temperature control and a leading supplier of wiper position, but also to expand its business in Asia.

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