glow plug,spark plug  
glow plug,spark plug
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State clearly the import of used motor vehicles and parts restrictions
In addition to allowing imports of automotive generators, starter and re-manufacture of micro motors for automotive maintenance, may not be imported auto parts used directly or after re-manufacturing for automotive assembly or repair. "National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, State Environmental Protection Administration released February 14, the" recycling of automotive products and technology policy, "said, without violating the requirements of relevant environmental conditions, material producers to import scrap car can be (has become a chip) and its components as raw materials, but prohibits such imports parts and loading into the circulation. "recycling of automotive products and technology policy" prohibits the import of waste from demolition of the car parts manufacturer, either directly or through re-used car assembly or repair; banned the import of processing high energy consumption, low efficiency and heavy pollution or high cost, as well as toxic, harmful to the environment of automotive materials.

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