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Qi teeth suspended negotiations with the ZF joint venture will seek self-development-glow plug,spark plug

"Qi tooth joint venture with ZF's suspension of negotiations." Recently, reporters learned that this is "surprised" and "surprise" message. Then call Chongqing Qijiang Gear Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qi tooth") deputy general manager Zhang Yu, get his confirmation.

    Say "surprised" because, under the impetus of the Chongqing Municipal Government, the owner of Qi teeth Chongqing Machinery & Electric Holding (Group) Company and the German company ZF joint venture negotiations have reached a consensus, the two sides established a joint venture is almost a foregone conclusion. 2009 newspaper has reported successive teeth Qi ZF joint venture with the event. August 2010, Chongqing Machinery & Electric and ZF even signed an agreement of intent. This year, the Qi in the industry that has teeth to achieve a joint venture with ZF case, did not expect the two sides of the joint venture negotiations are suspended.

    Say "surprise" because, Qi teeth as the first brand of China's passenger car transmission, if a joint venture with ZF, inevitably fall into the situation. Previously reported in the newspaper business and industry experts, and sorry for the QI sound teeth. Qi teeth now a joint venture with ZF suspension of the negotiations, temporarily saved the transmission industry to keep our country a major force in self-development. It is reported that informed teeth Qi ZF joint venture negotiations with the news of the suspension, with bus companies and transmission parts suppliers are very pleased, very happy.

    controlling interest in joint venture negotiations did not result in suspension of Tan Long

    According to the reporter, Qi teeth and ZF joint venture negotiations from the beginning of this year to stop, because the two sides failed to agree options.

    Controlling interest has been the ZF Qi tooth and the focus of joint venture negotiations. In fact, first introduced in 1985, Qi ZF gear mechanical transmission manufacturing technology, the two sides on a joint venture intends to conduct. 20 years, always wanted to ZF gear holding Qi, Qi teeth will become the one of its production plant at the same time to seize the Chinese passenger car market gearbox. But Qi teeth, however, want greater voice and autonomy, joint venture negotiations have been no substantive progress.

    Turning point occurred in 2008. This year, the Chongqing municipal government, "the next five years, to make the world top 500 enterprises in Chongqing's total to 200." At that time, settled in Chongqing, the world's top 500 companies only 93, the task of heavy investment in Chongqing. ZF as a Fortune 500 company, a joint venture with Qi teeth, has been strongly promoting the Chongqing municipal government, and agreed to the holding requirements of ZF.

    The biggest obstacle to controlling the clear, the Qi tooth joint venture with ZF is imperative. October 2009, Chongqing Qijiang County a leader told reporters: "Qi ZF gear and basically completed joint venture negotiations, only a thin environmental agreement, the county government has made available to the joint venture has a production site."

    August 6, 2010, the State Council Development Research Center and the Chongqing Municipal People's Government's "scientific development, social responsibility," the forum in Chongqing, Chongqing Machinery & Electric ZF and a letter of intent signing ceremony was held, co-principal content is the ZF Fu Qi tooth joint venture with commercial vehicle transmission plant. At that time, the media predicted the two sides signed a formal joint venture will be held at the end of 2010.

    However, time into 2011, Qi ZF gear and continues to have no joint venture, and the negotiations are suspended. A source told reporters: "2010 is very good Qi tooth development, sales growth, Chongqing Machinery & Electric did not want to hand over a controlling stake in tooth Qi ZF same time, the industry of controlling Qi ZF gear and more worried about doubt, also contributed to the Chongqing area are no longer cheap Qi teeth. "

    Qi tooth prospects for self-development

    Qi tooth current development momentum was really good. In 2010, Qi transmission gear to achieve sales of 82,628 units, an increase of more than 30%, sales revenue of 900 million yuan. Among them, the passenger car sales of 75,838 units transmission, an increase of 43.6%. This year, in the auto industry downturn, Qi teeth still maintained rapid growth. In the first half, Qi transmission gear sales up 21.3%, passenger car market share improved 11 percent over last year.

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