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Magna Systems, Inc. to expand internal and external decoration business in China-glow plug,spark plug

August 8, 2011, a subsidiary of Magna International Magna exterior trim systems operating company announced another expansion of its business in China, located in Wuhu, Anhui province acquired in injection molding and paint factories.

     Magna investment after entry, this called Mai Kairui Wuhu automotive exterior Limited shares allocated as follows: Magna Systems, interior and exterior, 51%, Changshu Automotive Trim Company (CAIP) 34%, Chery Technology Co., Ltd. 15%.

     The plant has 30 million square meters of production facilities in 2010 to achieve a record revenue of $ 43 million, employs 600 people, mainly to supply Chery Automobile front and rear bumper systems.

     Magna Systems, interior and exterior decoration, general manager of North America and Asia, Bob Brown (BobBrownlee) said: "This acquisition meets our strategy of pursuing growth in emerging markets, opened our business in China exterior door and bumper past years of our interior parts and systems in China's development of sound, which were compared with our acquisition business in the region exterior foundation for growth. "

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