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Electric vehicle power systems has become an inevitable trend-glow plug,spark plug

Recently, the 2011 new cars were put to the Universiade energy, help to achieve "green movement" of the target. With the advancement of technology and economic development, new energy vehicles getting into people's lives. However, the new energy vehicles is, how far away from ordinary people?

    It is understood by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission and other multi-sectoral repeated verification, clear the scope of new energy vehicles will be plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicle program for new energy vehicles, the ordinary non-plug-in hybrid vehicles classified as fuel-efficient vehicles.

    Vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhang Xiaoyu, chairman of Society of Automotive Engineers of China told the author that the future of automotive product quality and technical level of competition will become more intense, enhancing independent innovation capability of China's automobile industry to achieve the transformation and upgrading is imperative.

    It is understood that in the international arena, to energy-saving and new energy vehicles as the main direction of the new round of international industrial competition in full swing. Major automobile-producing countries on the one hand by more stringent fuel consumption and CO2 emission standards and regulations, that "low-carbon cars," "green car" concepts such as positive development and application of advanced energy-saving vehicle technologies, leading edge technology to consolidate and further strengthen the technical barriers ; the other hand, the development of new energy vehicles will be a national strategy, and vigorously support the development of new energy vehicles, to promote industrialization.

    "Transformation of electric vehicle power systems has become an inevitable trend of development of automotive technology." Ministry official said the new energy vehicles in the global R & D and industrialization is still in the initial stage of development. China should seize the opportunity, and gradually fostered a strategic new industries.

    However, there are people in the industry questioned the new energy automotive fuel cells. The current main car battery is lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide based cathode material, as its performance, longevity and other indicators is not enough to make pure electric cars completely alternative fuel vehicles. "Now, our battery in the life, reliability, charge and discharge capacity, energy management and thermal management, etc., with the international advanced level there is still a gap after all, domestic battery research and production has just begun." Industrial Ministry official said, it also requires long-term stability of the financial and personnel investment to carry out forward-looking, basic research and development.

    China's urban basic to multi-storey residential apartment residential, new energy vehicles in order to enter millions of households, the problem can not be avoided charging facilities, coupled with the current distribution network in China is basically in full load condition, electric cars and charging more than the feasibility ?

    "Charging a day of work facilities, still faces many technical problems." Insiders pointed out that when talking about the advantages of electric vehicles, electric vehicles, some people will say that the integration with the smart grid, car battery can be used as mobile storage unit by charging facilities to achieve the power load, "load shifting" to increase the acceptance of wind power systems, solar and other renewable energy generation capacity. But the analysis also only in theory, not proven.

    "Now, transform and elevate the smart grid requires a lot of investment, to fully estimate the difficulty of charging facilities." Ministry of Industry official said, the early development of the pilot cities to focus on building charging facilities, to charge facilities in urban integrated transport system planning and urban construction planning in related industries, the construction of science to determine the distribution of the size and location to meet ahead of carrying out charging facilities.

    I understand that, at present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Energy Bureau is stepping up to carry out 15 areas of national standards and charge the industry standard-setting work, involves charging interfaces, communication protocols, energy metering, charging equipment and technical conditions, charging stations and other security aspects. In Beijing, Shanghai and other urban public transport, the government bus, sanitation collection, transport and other areas, by our own R & D, the "double" pure electric vehicles as the representative of fuel-efficient vehicles has been put into daily use.

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