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India's Essar to invest 40 billion to develop iron ore Zimbabwe-glow plug,spark plug

Agence France-Presse reported that Zimbabwe's Industry Minister Wiseman - Nu Kubo (WelshmanNcube) on Wednesday at a steel plant started his speech said the ceremony, the Indian Essar Group plans to invest $ 4 billion iron ore mining in Zimbabwe. He said that it will be nearly 10 years, Zimbabwe's mineral resources development has been the largest single investment.

     Nuku Bo Scott West in Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Plant (ParastatalZiscosteel) transfer of assets to the ceremony, said the message, in Zimbabwe Iron and Steel plant in central Francisco last month has just been acquired by India's Essar. Nu Kubo said, Essar Group plans to invest $ 4 billion in mining in southern Zimbabwe city of Mu-temperature NASDAQ (Mwenezi) to build an iron ore concentrator.

     Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe (RobertMugabe) also attended the handover ceremony on Wednesday and delivered a speech. He said: "Zimbabwe welcomes Indian investment is the arrival of this huge amount of investment outside world to dispel misgivings and doubts of the symbol of Zimbabwe." He added: "India is our friend, not the exploiters."

     Agence France-Presse reported, said Sysco steel mills collapsed three years ago, the Southern African region has been the largest steel factories. India's Essar Group in March this year reached an agreement with the Zimbabwe government decided to invest $ 750 million acquisition of 54% of the steel plant Sysco shares. Wednesday the opening of the steel plant again and renamed the "New Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Plant" (NewZimbabweSteel), is expected to produce iron and steel up to 250 tons.

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