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American Axle & Manufacturing AAM's board of directors expanded the size of-glow plug,spark plug

August 3, 2011, American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings AAM (AmericanAxle & ManufacturingHoldingsInc.) Issued a statement, the company decided to expand the size of the board; through elections, StevenHantler and JohnSmith elected as its new director, level two.

     Hantler Ma was Coos Co., Ltd. (TheMarcusFamilyOfficeLLC), director of policy measures to develop. JohnSmith Eagle Consulting is a limited liability company (EagleAdvisorsLLC) general manager. AAM CEO RichardE.Dauch said in a statement: "As we continue to maintain profitability and promote growth and accelerate global sales strategy to promote business diversification, Hantler and Smith's experience and knowledge of our company becomes very value. "

     These two positions are considered new setting role. StevenHantler JohnSmith and board members to join the company total to 13. Investor relations, corporate communications and marketing director ChristopherSon said, the company expanded the Board of Directors is to promote economic growth.

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