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Ford signed an agreement to sell its two parts factory-glow plug,spark plug

According to foreign news media recently, Ford has signed an agreement to sell its two parts plants, including the city of Saline, Mich. plant interior and Sandusky, Ohio City (Sandusky) of the lamp manufacturer.

    Ford intends to earlier reports indicating Saline plant sale to the French interior parts supplier Faurecia, Faurecia, Ford and so far none of the official confirmation. The Ford subsidiary of the company's ACH Sandusky lighting plant, Ford spokeswoman DellaDiPietro official said, Ford has signed a memorandum of agreement in a few months ago, the current work is to proceed with the sale. However, just a list of the Memorandum of Agreement for sale of the planning framework for the future, but it does not ensure the deal is. As the 2008 Ford had sold Saline plant interior with Johnson Controls regarding the signing of a memorandum of agreement.

    ACH is a Ford to rescue the former parts subsidiary Visteon in 2005, a wholly owned subsidiary of the original has 17 production plants, and now the only remaining four. In addition to selling outside the Sandusky lighting plant, ACH company for sale in Plymouth, Michigan manufacturing plant air conditioning sector. DiPietro also pointed out that the Indianapolis plant's hydraulic steering shut down production in 2012.

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