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Wuling Group intends to build car parts plant in gentlemen-glow plug,spark plug

February 23, party secretary and chairman of Liuzhou Wuling Group Sunshao Li, Hong Kong and other merchants Wuling Group President Joseph Lee and his party to Laibin study, said it would build auto parts plant in gentlemen.

     Municipal Committee, vice mayor of rate of Mo Hua City Merchants, Development and Reform Commission, the building housing the Bureau, to invest in China and the Industrial Park District, accompanied by businessmen led field trips.

     It is reported that Sun Shaoli his party came to Laibin has inspected the Overseas Chinese Investment Zone, Henan Industrial Zone, Qianjiang Industrial Park aluminum and Phoenix. Mo Hua Laibin to merchants introduced the development and attract foreign investment on favorable terms. He said that as guests need to increase the city's emerging high-tech industry, high value-added industries, labor-intensive industries also need to build up popularity, as long as environmental standards, open to any business to invest and build factories Laibin. Merchants that guests not only an ideal location environment, government incentives are also quite reasonable, the treasure is worth the investment and build factories. The presence of departments directly under the leadership have also said it will with the greatest sincerity to welcome guests all over the world merchant development.

     Sunshao Li said that the rewarding field trips to the guests, go back to the board immediately after open discussion and analysis, a decision as soon as possible, to lay the foundation for the further cooperation. He also said, go back and more companies will introduce the group to Laibin tours, investments in property.

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