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World's six major automobile companies have signed an agreement in Russia-glowplug,spark plug

Ross Baozhai website reported on March 2, Russian Federation Minister of Economic Development Biwulinna on March 1 announced at a government meeting, the six car manufacturers and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development signed a assembly system in the new industrial organization within the framework of the Russian car production agreement of intent.

     According to Russian Minister of Economic Development introduced the public to sign the agreement with the GAZ automobile plant, Soledad Wales - Ford, Volga automobile plant - Renault - Nissan - Jiri car factory Alliance, Kamaz - Mercedes-Benz, GM - Michael Wagner, and Fiat.

     Expected, in June 1, 2011, all of these companies to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development submitted include investment scale, investment schedule, the upgrading of existing production equipment and building new business plan production schedules.

     Russian Minister of Economic Development said, adding that the new industrial assembly systems caused interest in auto parts maker, now has 206 organizations submitted in auto parts production in Russia to establish the application, the proposed degree of localization 40%.

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