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French car prices in China's auto market continues to expand-glow plug,spark plug

Electric car prices in France, successfully entered the Chinese auto market after the re-positioning themselves, and completed the study with the Chinese local culture and market integration, its market share in China continues to expand.

    Renault (Beijing) Automobile Co., Ltd. CEO Chan, recently said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency said the Renault brand to enter the Chinese market, the beginning of the performance is not satisfactory, in the Chinese market in 2008 with only 894 sales, is facing out of the Chinese market embarrassing situations. Renault China have therefore chosen to re-positioning itself, according to the Chinese market for imported cars in Europe's unique preferences, to develop a new marketing strategy - the core of the French Renault car import luxury brand positioning for the leisure and positioning products based on this planning, network construction, service and team management, and re-planning. Prominent in the product planning and style of young, local parts inventory, network construction in the European style and attention to the combination of brand image and brand positioning to adapt to provide its service.

    Chan, said that in order to ensure enforcement of the marketing strategy and optimistic about the prospects for China's auto market, Renault (Beijing) Automobile Co., Ltd. in February 2011 formally put into operation. At the same time, Renault is enabled in Shanghai, China covers an area of ​​8000 square meters of parts libraries, in order to further reduce costs and shorten delivery times. As the market continues to raise awareness, Renault brand sales in China from 2008 to 894 in 2010 soared to 14,705.

    Sino-French cooperation in the early, the French side was that the Chinese market will soon converge with the European market, but this is not true. France's largest automobile manufacturing joint venture Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd., general manager of Bi Gaocheng acceptance Xinhua News Agency reporter an exclusive interview that the French side went through a "learning process" and eventually the consumer to understand the difference between China and France, and product planning to do a "profound adjustment", focusing on the integration of local culture with China, launched the European market is different but the product is more suitable for the Chinese market.

    According to reports, in order to further enhance the localization strategy and optimistic about the prospects for China's auto market, PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, established in Shanghai in 2008, the first overseas R & D center, to be able to make the design close to the Chinese users. Bigao Cheng said, the partners also benefited from the integration of the good will of high-level French. PSA Peugeot Citroen and Dongfeng Motor Corporation president Kovalam Xu Ping, chairman agreed that they should strengthen cooperation, resolve differences and future product planning and market ambitions to reach a consensus. In addition, the company has a dragon, "China complex" of the French side to help employees understand China, and PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, to learn the characteristics of the Chinese market, thus promoting the bilateral cooperation.

    Bigao Cheng also said that the company is very concerned about the dragon and the Chinese media and friends from the comments and good suggestions in the improvement work to continuously improve service quality and product technology content. Dragon plans to accelerate in the coming years to introduce new technology and new technology local production. He said, "Over the past six years, the company just launched dragon 1 new engine; the next three years, the company will launch six engines."

    It is understood that in order to further promote the cause of the joint venture total investment of 50 billion, the third factory Citroen in Wuhan in May this year the foundation. The third plant will implement "a plan, two-building", is expected in September 2013 a 150,000 project put into operation, fully put into operation in 2015, will be an annual capacity of 300,000. By then, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen will also be 750,000 in annual sales in the Chinese market, the impact of a 5% market share.

    For the Chinese auto companies to expand overseas market in the commonly encountered restrictions on the size and competitiveness of the shortage, Chan, believes that Chinese car exports, while outside the vehicle should focus on corporate culture, and Chinese elements of the output, brand positioning and product re- packaging combination, seek to develop appropriate market entry points and taking into account the interests of local distributors and partners win-win marketing strategy.

    The industry also believes that some Chinese car firms choose to go abroad, to develop the international market, but only select dealers sales agents, and can not provide perfect service, not according to the local characteristics of the car to transform itself, resulting in foreign purchases have been repeatedly owners of criticism, complaints.

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