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Honeywell turbochargers forecast good prospects-glow plug,spark plug

August 1, 2011, Honeywell Turbo Technologies Co., Ltd top management SteveMcKinley expects U.S. light vehicle assembly in the turbocharger on the 2020 will usher in its use of the boom, the assembly rate from 5% in 2009 significantly increased to 82% in 2020.

    McKinley, vice president of the American project that three factors contributed to the turbocharger coming with boom - the government introduced more stringent fuel economy regulations, fuel prices and consumer preferences. Approximately 50 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with turbochargers. Turbocharger help improve engine performance and enable car manufacturers to develop more power, more torque and a smaller engine as possible.

    Car manufacturers believe that the company's core competence lies in the engine. However, McKinley would have wished to remain in the turbocharger suppliers, because the current reliability of the turbocharger is not very good, but there are some technical barriers to be overcome. Such as Honeywell's suppliers are currently working with car manufacturers to carry out closer cooperation, the goal is to be applied to turbocharger car manufacturers are developing gasoline and diesel engines.

    McKinley declined to Honeywell's market share, but he said the company's goal is to get 50 percent of all new business in the business.

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