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Brazil's new regulations issued by Auto Parts-glow plug,spark plug

Brazil's National Bureau of Standards technical quality in Rio de Janeiro today issued new regulations on auto parts, auto parts for mandatory certification. This is Brazil's implementation of the "Auto Parts Compulsory Certification Scheme" the specific measures.

     The new regulations related to the shock absorber, car engine fuel pumps, etc. 8 kinds of electronic auto parts. Commercial auto parts will be new regulations for certification. Agency or in the car on the open market sale of any motor vehicle accessories, must have a certificate. Expected this month, international technical quality will be issued by the Bureau of Standards regulations car navigation system components.

     Board official said the new measures will not immediately apply to domestic or imported "zero mile" car accessories. New models should first obtain approval from Brazil's National Department of Transportation, and then test a series of technical tests. In 2012, all auto parts manufacturers and importers must produce parts of the reform to adapt to new technical standards. From July 2014, the retail market sales of auto parts must comply with new regulations.

     The official said that security standards are technical quality of the Brazilian National Bureau of Standards to make the foregoing basic considerations. Analysis of new regulations in the automotive industry for safety, environmental safety and traffic safety risk after enacted. New regulations will benefit consumers, because the new security conditions to establish a minimum, so that consumers have greater vehicle safety trust.

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