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Geely pushes the first British-made gear carrying the first SC7-glow plug,spark plug

DSI transmission in the acquisition of Australian company, Geely will launch its first China-made transmission. It is understood that Geely's first transmission will be made ​​6AT come out in August, Geely Group is mainly applied to all 1.8L models. It will be the first to carry on in England SC7.

     Geely DSI made ​​the project a total of three factories, which DSI Xiangtan base as the first plant, expected annual capacity of up to 30 million. The other two were $ 1.6 billion investment in factories and Jining, Shandong, Chongqing Tongliang investment of 800 million factory. Next, DSI company's automatic transmission is expected to cover all of Geely's models.

     Equipped with Geely Geely's first British-made 6AT transmission SC7, body size 4682/1725/1485 (mm), with a wheelbase of 2602mm, it is positioned as a compact jiajiao. Currently, the car has the 1.5L and 1.8L power two engine options, including cutting-edge version equipped with 1.5L engine and maximum power saving version of the model 106/109 horsepower, respectively, while the 1.8L model for maximum output power of 139 horsepower, transmission, the car now only match a 5-speed manual transmission, and future transmission models in the match after the release 6AT, I believe will meet the needs of more consumers.

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