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Guangdong Japanese cars out of the wide shadow of the earthquake recovery of the Toyota production-glow plug,spark plug

Japan earthquake by the automotive industry in Guangdong, is accelerating the re-production to recoup their losses. Yesterday, Executive Vice President Yao Yiming Guangzhou Honda to Nanfang Daily, told reporters that the plant wide production levels in August and September will be restored to the level before the earthquake in Japan, while production capacity of Guangzhou Toyota in June was less full recovery. Dongfeng Nissan in the Nissan headquarters priority under the protection of spare parts, but did not fall this year sales increased substantially.

     Japan earthquake has seriously affected this year, three Japanese joint-venture car companies, including Guangzhou Honda hardest hit. It is understood that in April this year, Guangzhou Honda has been out of stock due to supply of spare parts was a significant reduction, from June 20 was restored two-class production. According to Yao Yiming said, only the first half wide of the production to reach 150,000, less than 40% of the annual plan. With parts of Japan to accelerate the resumption of production after the earthquake, the supply, the wide along with the accelerated pace of production. Yao Yiming said, the wide last year's capacity expansion plans start to be the full realization of August and September, when wide capacity to produce 480,000 of this.

     At the same time, two other Japanese joint venture in Guangdong enterprises basically complete recovery vehicle production plans. According to the Guangzhou Toyota Executive Vice President Feng Xingya revealed that the first half of this year, Guangzhou Toyota's sales by the Japanese earthquake, only more than 11 million units, the task for the whole year 40% of the amount of 280 000, "However, wide Toyota will not adjust the goals for this year. "

     It is worth mentioning that Nissan headquarters in Japan, Nissan, under the protection of the priority supply of spare parts, production was relatively small impact. Ren Yong, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Nissan, said the first half of Nissan total sales of all cars up to 373,700, still able to maintain a 13% increase year on year. "Nissan is absolutely confident, steady increase in the second half to maintain the momentum to achieve annual sales target of 772,000."

     According to the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission previously disclosed by the Japanese earthquake, the wide, wide abundance, three Japanese Nissan automobile production plant April-June were 110,000, the loss value of more than $ 18 billion automotive manufacturing output down 6.1%.

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