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1 billion investment in R & D localization of Peugeot Citroen China change-glow plug,spark plug

PSA Peugeot Citroen as Chang'an (CAPSA) is approved, PSA Peugeot Citroën (PSA) is trying to change the minds of consumers through the localization inherent in the "rigid, conservative" image. This has been reluctant for the Chinese market before the change of the PSA is not a small change.

    "I first make sure that, PSA localization development increasingly important, in future we will consider the development of new models of Chinese elements, from the beginning of the design services for Chinese consumers to consider the elements." CAPSA representative of France A Bode told reporters.

    To support his point, he stood up and withdraw, readily come from the top cabinet DS3 car models, point to the roof, "Although this model is through the channel to sell imported cars, but our designers, or in the roof above the painted style of the classic Chinese style. "

    These are from the PSA process established in the Chinese-owned R & D center, the first three years the total investment will reach 10 billion yuan, the PSA Group R & D center will work with other parts of the world's R & D center one of China's domestic market demand for research. The center currently has more than 400 engineers, of which 90% came from China. "We are in the design of new models, when beginning to consider the needs of Chinese consumers, in the future we will 'Chang Peugeot Citroen' Dragon (PSA another joint venture in China), DS Series design models We will give more consideration to the future needs of Chinese consumers. "A Bode told reporters.

    In order to be more localized, CAPSA has invested 500 billion yuan in Shenzhen set up R & D centers Chang PSA Peugeot Citroen, the first phase of R & D staff will reach about 1,000 people. PSA R & D center in China will be responsible for the upstream project design phase, the concrete implementation of the model of industrialization by the two PSA's joint venture in China's own R & D center to complete.

    CAPSA joint venture based in Shenzhen Baoan district, the business sector in Shanghai. Early stage of preparing the current team members and staff of about 350 people have started office, Purchasing Department, Finance Department, Ministry of Commerce, R & D department and other departments also have been in place.

    "By the end of 2014, CAPSA's production and sales will reach 20 million units, which will account for half of the DS-Series models." A Bode told reporters. Currently, PSA has made it clear Changan three core tasks, followed by products made for the DS, a joint venture joint venture of independent self-passenger cars and commercial vehicles production, which also includes the introduction of new energy vehicles, such as the DS5 hybrid and other models.

    "DS Series is a joint venture operation of the core series, following the DS5 made in China after 2013, there are at least a year will be another DS Series new car market, product planning, including the C-Class, D-class cars and SUV." A Bode said. Currently, DS series of independent sales network construction has been rolled out in Beijing, Shanghai and other ten cities selected 15 first-tier dealers selling DS products. To the end of 2013, Chang PSA in 50 cities nationwide dealer network with 100 DS.

    After the establishment of the new joint venture, how to handle the two joint venture partners is also a test of the wisdom of PSA.

    In this regard, A Bode said: "We create a second joint venture, not in order to compete and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, the Chinese market is the world's largest car market, there is great potential for our two companies' products arrangements are complementary products, rather than competitive relationship with each other. "

    According to A Bode introduced, DS Series is a series of high-end, and Dongfeng Citroen Citroen Automobile production is completely different products, no direct competition. DS also more innovative and the pursuit of individuality, and Dongfeng Citroen closer to the core market of existing products, hit the mainstream and conventional products.

    But, anyway, for CAPSA, the end of 2014 sales target is 200,000 to complete a daunting task, because only the first DS5 2013 products, but has yet to announce the second vehicle, and if you want complete the 200,000 sales, CAPSA is obviously the pressure is not small.

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