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Forced to fuel economy standards for the development of new energy vehicles-glow plug,spark plug

July 29, Barack Obama announced a new fuel economy standards. Requirements in 2025, the car's fuel economy will rise to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the 54.5mpg, about 4.35 liters / 100 km.

    The White House asked the manufacturers of the fuel economy of 35.5mpg indicators from the beginning in 2016, from 2017 to 2021 to the early stage of an annual increase of 3.5% from 2022 to 2025 for the late, 5% annual increase. 2025 to 54.5mpg. This standard is expected in July next year for final approval.

    According to U.S. government statistics, new car fuel economy from 26.6mpg to upgrade to 2010, 29.3mpg, it took three years. In addition, taking into account the last century Ford Model T fuel economy of about 17mpg, this indicator is definitely challenging.

    Especially the fuel economy of a car is a comprehensive enterprise of all statistical models, but not all models have standard, which requires tapping the potential of traditional car prices in the engine fuel efficiency at the same time, we must increase investment in new energy R & D efforts in order to balance the overall fuel efficiency. At present, such as the Toyota Prius [Review Photo Forum] such number of new energy vehicles has reached 2025 fuel economy standards.

    Obama announced the new standards, said: "This agreement represents the standard for fuel consumption reduction of our dependence on foreign oil and the various initiatives of the most important step." Obama made earlier this year reduced by 30 the next 10 years one's commitment to oil imports.

    In fact, China has reduced demand for imported oil dependency.

    China has become the world's largest car market, car ownership in the end of June has reached 217 million, and ownership is still expanding, and the resulting energy security and environmental protection have become increasingly prominent. In the Chinese automotive industry, energy conservation imperative.

    However, this year has been a vigorous new energy vehicles seem to have entered trough. Around before the energy industry have launched a new alliance seems died down, several spontaneous events sparked the Great Leap Forward of the reflection of electric vehicles.

    Moreover, the new energy standards for vehicles and the development objectives are still in debate. Actually, these arguments aside, step up amendments to limit the implementation of fuel economy is the most important.

    Last year, there was news show, "passenger car fuel consumption limits" (the third phase of the standard, the "limit") was introduced last year by the end of this year to achieve than the second stage decreased by 20% to 7 l / hundred kilometers of the target. But no specific date.

    In fact, China 7 liters / 100 km of standard and the United States 2016 35.5mpg (about 6.6L/100km) gap is not large. Only in the strict limits of fuel under the guidance will really stimulate the development of new energy vehicles business momentum.

    To achieve this standard, China's car prices must increase the proportion of small cars, and tap the engine fuel efficiency, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles. If there is no new energy vehicles for fuel efficiency and in a rich product line car prices should be difficult to compliance.

    Of course, the Chinese car companies, especially independent brands to achieve this standard, the great challenge. Even if the U.S. government announced the new fuel standards, is still controversial, that will push the car overall retail price. However, the automotive industry trend is irreversible energy saving and new energy vehicles in the contribution of energy conservation will also be increasing.

    The problem now is that we should publish as soon as possible, the implementation of "limit", and detailed development of the ratio of annual fuel efficiency, in order to accelerate the new energy vehicles Forced enterprise development, and ultimately the automobile industry, energy saving, as contribute to China's energy security.

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