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Japan's Automobile Association: 83% of global counterfeiting parts in China-glow plug,spark plug

Japan Auto Parts Association announced, according to the global 83% of counterfeit auto parts in China. According to consulting firm Frost & Sullivan estimates, counterfeit auto parts worldwide sales estimated at $ 45 billion, compared with 820 billion yuan in 2008, several times. In contrast, Taiwan and Thailand accounted for 5% of counterfeit auto parts, Japan and Malaysia accounted for 2%.

    According to "China Business" news release, despite repeated police and government to combat the illegal production of counterfeit auto parts are still not absolutely forbidden, accounting for 20% of Chinese aftermarket. Counterfeit auto parts are generally high demand aftermarket products, such as spark plugs, brake shoes and steering parts.

    TRW Aftermarket Asia-Pacific director AlexAshmore said fake brake shoes and brake disc TRW Automotive stole at least 20% of the business.

    Some fake company also produces technical complexity of the parts, Ashmore said: "We in China have discovered a fake airbag."

    Ineffective against

    Corteco China's annual oil seal in the Chinese market of 30 million sales volume accounted for 5% of oil seal market, but the company's VickyChan said: "If there is no counterfeit products, our seals can be a market share of 25 percent."

    Corteco's oil seals price of $ 45, but the fake seal costs only $ 20. Use of low-grade fake rubber seals and metal, will lead to oil leakage, the car performance is unstable.

    Last year the government closed a production of counterfeit Corteco Guangzhou oil seal device factory.

    Fake plants active in the market in recent years, Chan said: "Every year we turn it off, they soon re-opened."

    In 2008 the factory can produce counterfeit seal 7 million this year, fake plant oil seal production reached 10 million.


    In order to combat counterfeit parts suppliers are beginning to label their products on radio frequency identification tags, TRW Automotive Ashmore said: "This year our products will add 90% on the box identification label."

    They also formed a supplier of quality brand protection committee to fight against counterfeit products. Committee and the government and police cooperation to combat counterfeiting factories.

    But even if police shut down a factory, just a division of counterfeit production sites.

    TRW Automotive Ashmore said: "All the fake companies now are 'smart', they have 3-4 trading companies."

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