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Deyang Secret Subaru Forester Driver core technology-glow plug,spark plug

According to informed, Deyang Wang Yu Subaru Forester has entered the hall shop. New 2011 Subaru Forester with the latest drive technology - the third generation of Subaru engine. In the first three generations of manufacturing specifications differ from the previous engine, bore and stroke dimensions of 84 * 90 (mm), the second generation was 92 * 75 (mm), this design helps to improve combustion efficiency, both compared to the third generation of engine combustion efficiency can be increased by 30% than before, which is also based on the engine air intake has been re-optimization, as well as piston, connecting rod using lightweight materials to reduce internal operating load, speed up the flow.

    The new third generation Subaru engine

    The so-called boxer engine, that is, the level of the engine cylinders arranged on both sides of the crankshaft to provide the perfect balance, and significantly reduce operating noise and vibration generated when. This structure for the structure of the engine layout, technical standards and superior materials, high demands. The Subaru boxer engine has always insisted on the development, has now developed to the third generation.

    Third-generation engines, including 2.5-liter and 2.0 liters displacement of two. Compared with the previous generation, the new engine will not only reduce the bore to increase stroke, and further precise control of valves, fuel and temperature, so as to enhance torque and improved fuel economy. In addition, the new engine also used timing chain, upgraded dual VVT variable valve timing technology, updated exhaust gas cooling system has been improved. Test drive cars for the 2.5XS version of the car's maximum speed of change is the corresponding decline in the maximum power from 6000 rpm to 5800 rpm in advance, ahead of peak torque from 4300 to 4100 transfer switch, in theory, power output will be more advanced , low torque output is more abundant.

    In actual driving, I did not feel the force has improved significantly. This is not surprising, just ahead of the 200 rpm speed, the speed table but then a small cell, do not pay attention will be ignored. Moreover, in urban areas it is impossible to open it as a car. Maximum advantage of the new engine fuel economy, the Ministry gives the fuel consumption value: 2.0L as 8.2L/100, 2.5L to 9.6L/100km, is a very good result.

    Symmetrical, four-wheel drive

    2011 Forester little change in appearance, the new car specific improvements include: a slight change in the front grille, rear-view mirrors with turn indicators, large roof spoiler and full of personality, the new alloy wheels and so on. Interior improvement is mainly reflected in the configuration upgrade, the new steering wheel, Bluetooth phone button, center console, new 7-inch LCD screen, the screen is used for both reverse image.

    Chassis, the 2011 Forester is still using symmetrical all-wheel drive system, it also has a symmetrical balance of the structure, can a reasonable allocation of power to all four wheels to enhance the grip, the transformation of accuracy and stability of driving performance ; Moreover, the new car is also equipped with a dynamic control system (VDC), engine bay cradle technology. Forester has been able to provide flexible space MPV is also the ability to ensure good all traffic, and these technologies contributed to this chassis.

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