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Chrysler Group Co., Ltd. to recall some of the imported Dodge vehicle Wei-glow plug,spark plug

Chrysler (China) Sales Co., Ltd. on behalf of Chrysler Group Co., Ltd. to the AQSIQ submitted a recall report, due to security module defects, from August 1, 2011, the recall part of the 2010 Dodge models imported Viagra (DodgeJCUV) car, according to the company's statistics, in mainland China, involving a total 1708 production date for August 3, 2009 - January 23, 2010, model JCUV (2.7L ).

    The recall is due to security module in a batch manufacturing process bias, the vehicles driving on bumpy roads, or because those who misuse may result in moving the ignition key from "Run" (On) position to the " off "(Accessory) position, could result in engine flameout, the vehicle lost control. Chrysler Group Co., Ltd. will check all the possible risks of the vehicle, and related components for the consumer a free replacement.

    Chrysler (China) Ltd will notify customers of known and invite them to the nearest licensed service center to get in touch to arrange a free inspection and replacement.

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