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Dongfeng Nissan engine start full production capacity expansion of the third red-glow plug,spark plug

In the DFL released a new three-day mid-term business plan, Nissan engine production capacity expansion project was officially launched, which means that Nissan has already begun to launch its new medium-term business plan of the journey. Meanwhile, Nissan took the opportunity, the first time released its new medium-term business plan goals, the first three aim at the full impact of the industry.

    Powertrain expansion help the cause of the layout of new Nissan

    The engine capacity expansion project is the second Dongfeng Nissan Huadu plant following the integration of vehicle production capacity the new plant in Zhengzhou, in the capacity building of key components is another major move, Nissan is also a new career in 2011-1015 the opening of the program.

    Dongfeng Nissan in accordance with the planning, the project will build Nissan Chini casting and forging factory, is expected to be completed and commissioned in 2012, then, the foundry (including melt and Industry) will form the cylinder head casting capacity of 100 million units, plus Huadu engine plant expansion at the existing form of 100 million units capacity. So with the flowers, Xiangyang, Zhengzhou three to four vehicle manufacturing plant pattern, you can provide for the Nissan 140 million units of the vehicle supporting capacity.

    In fact, the Nissan engine capacity through the expansion of not only the introduction of Nissan's most advanced engine technology, but also to further improve its powertrain value chain plate. As a result, Dongfeng Nissan to supply key components with localized, rapidly in response to the Chinese consumer demand for the product on the vehicle to achieve beyond the expectations of Chinese consumers, the value of commitment, but also for the realization of new business plans provide important protection.

    Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Nissan in Ren Yong appears that the expansion project is to enhance the Nissan manufacturing quality, to import advanced technology to speed up a key step. "The new engine facility will provide casting, forging, engine manufacturing and other advanced technologies that can achieve from the rough start the manufacturing process, improve the localization rate of Dongfeng Nissan, reduce manufacturing costs and the new casting, forging technology has can provide a technical basis to build the chassis, which will help to enhance the Nissan vehicle R & D capabilities. "

    Nissan aiming at leading the first group

    On the other hand, Nissan also the first time that Dongfeng Nissan 2011-2015 medium-term business plan for a new interpretation. Song, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan, according to Yuan Dynasty Ming, the business plan identifies five Dongfeng Nissan to use the time to achieve "the first Chinese passenger car industry group leader", 2015, Nissan's sales will be more than 1.3 million Taiwan enter the top three market share in product development, network construction, quality assurance, to reach the level of business and other leading domestic level.

    To accomplish this goal, the product side, Nissan will introduce the period 2011-2015, including Kai Chen NISSAN brand and a total of 17 brand new models, to create a variety of sub-segment sales to become the champion of the star models; Technology R & D, from the current level reached RankA RankC level; regional strategies, will continue to build a second-tier cities, focusing on the development of third and fourth tier cities, there are five lines of development chosen by the city; marketing network construction, from 700 in 2010 home become more than 1,000 in 2015; quality construction, and establish a new benchmark for Nissan's global quality; the cause of the level, continue to second-hand cars, car insurance, easy car rental, vehicle information, the owner of the business card industry benchmark status.

    The new face of the new business challenges, Ren Yongxin heart full, he said, the good performance of the first half of 2011, Dongfeng Nissan is a good start for a new business plan: the face of tough auto market environment, Nissan June New sounds of nature, the new QASHQAI, the new sun, new TIIDA all sales over a million in the prior six months is made "vehicle sales of 374,000, an increase of 12.9%, ranking the industry, the fourth" good results. This proves that Nissan is not only a young company, it is a constant miracle business. Now, Nissan officially launched the 2011-2015 medium-term business plan, and strive to achieve by 2015, "China's passenger car industry leading position in the first group," the target.

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