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10 billion yuan will make heavy investment in Chengdu, Euro 5 engines-glow plug,spark plug

2011/7/29/8: 41 Source: Sichuan Online
    July 16, high-profile projects in Chengdu FAW-EA211 engine foundation and the car three groundbreaking ceremony was held in Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone. $ 10 billion heavy investment in Chengdu FAW - Volkswagen as well as the development of automobile industry in Sichuan is another significant progress, also marks the Chengdu "two" of interaction, the city produced one of building an international automobile city, to create an international world-class high-end industrial base has taken a solid pace.

    To build China's first Euro 5 engines

    EA211 engine project an investment of about 28 billion yuan, the planning capacity of 450,000 units, two will reach 60 million units, the entire project is expected to be fully completed by March 2013 production. It is understood that, as China's first Euro 5 standards and to achieve mass production of the engine, EA211 engine combines turbo-charged, direct injection and other advanced technology, lightweight, improved power, torque and consumption reduction target row, etc., are in the international advanced level.

    FAW - Volkswagen Chengdu car three projects total investment 7.2 billion yuan, will be built stamping, welding, painting and final assembly production line. Press shop automation press line, the entire line up to beat the fastest 15 times per minute, among the world leading level. Phase III is expected to be put into operation in March 2013, when annual production capacity will reach 450,000 cars, mainly the production and NF NCS two new models.

    Volkswagen Group (China), Dai Shi Lin, vice president, said the group has been increasing investment in China. EA211 engine project is a Volkswagen "BlueMotion technology series" an important manifestation. The project put into operation, will the local industrial upgrading and economic development boost.

    To achieve the change from the low to high

    Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, City Road, on both sides of car, has a seat from the body stands a huge amount of production plant, Volkswagen, and other 10 vehicle project, Kobelco excavators, seven engineering machinery machine production projects, and more than 180 car supporting the project into the park.

    In recent years, Chengdu Economic Development Zone (Longquanyi) conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, always put "two" leap-forward development of interaction as a strategic focus and the engine to Chengdu International Automobile City and the world garden city model line as the starting point, stick to the "two" of interaction, the city produced one of the scientific development.

    To the current annual output of 450,000 cars FAW - Volkswagen Chengdu base, the annual output of 50,000 vehicles in Sichuan, an annual output of 200,000 units of Geely plateau automotive vehicle, an annual output of 100,000 cars, Volvo Chengdu base, annual output of 100,000 heavy trucks Dayun automotive vehicle manufacturers in 10 major development projects together, formed an annual output of 1.25 million vehicle production platform, the automotive industry to achieve small to large, single to multiple, fragmented into clusters , low to high transition, is listed as national new-type industrialization demonstration base of industrial and automotive billion industry in Sichuan Province Park.

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