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Visteon CEO hinted the company's business will be dismantling part of the business to be sold-glow plug,spark plug

July 27, 2011, auto parts supplier Visteon CEO Don Stebbins at an investor conference (Investor Day) or on the implied guarantee the integrity of the company may sell part of its business. But it refused to provide further details and said that public information would be detrimental to the potential deal is.

 Visteon in the investor conference, Don Stebbins said in a question and answer session open to review three-year development path, it is difficult to accept the company's product portfolio remains unchanged, the current situation. This undoubtedly suggests that Visteon will make major adjustments in the business. Visteon also one of Alden Global Capital investors in hedge funds (Hedge Fund) claims that Visteon's business value after dismantling more than as a whole.

 When asked what the company may maintain and sell business, Don Stebbins refused to release more details that premature disclosure which does not facilitate a business sale transaction, but such statements may allow customers to confusion on the identity of the ultimate buyers, damage relationships with customers, sell side and buy side to the inconvenience. So Don Stebbins added that only when a business will be open after the sale of Visteon to abandon the field of business.

 Visteon in May 2009, entered bankruptcy protection, although the final out of the shadow of bankruptcy, but the situation is always room for further ideal. Prior to JP Morgan Chase and UBS analysts Patel and speculated that Visteon may sell part of the business areas of lighting, the potential bidders, including Johnson Controls, Lear and Faurecia and so on. Or affected by, local time, 27 Visteon NYSE shares closed down 4.1% to $ 65.01, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index fell by 1.6%.

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