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Autoliv profit on double-digit growth in quarterly sales-glow plug,spark plug

Parts supplier Autoliv in April to June this year sales and profits are showing double-digit growth, better than expected.

    Compared to last year, Autoliv second quarter net sales (ConsolidatedNetSales) increased 14% to $ 2.061 billion. Organic sales are expected in April, compared with an increase of 5%. According to the IHS (InformationHandlingServices) estimates that the global light vehicle production will be reduced by 1%.

    For the third quarter of 2011, the company expects organic sales (OrganicSales, excluding sales within the company after the outsourcing business) will grow by about 9 percent, consolidated net sales increased approximately 16%. Expected operating margin for the quarter was approximately 10%. For the full year, without considering the ongoing antitrust investigation of the factors under the premise that the current estimate is that sales growth of 16%, while organic sales growth of 9%, operating margin increased by 11% or more .

    Global light vehicle production in Japan due to the impact of the earthquake, its revenue and pretax income fell 10%, respectively, to 2.05 million and $ 185 million. Net profit of 1.46 billion, roughly unchanged, but earnings per share fell 4 percent to $ 1.54, mainly due to too many shares outstanding.

    Autoliv's operating margin from last year's unusually high 12.7% over the same period dropped to 10.0%, but still higher than the company previously expected value of 9%. Operating cash flow $ 132 million in financing before it is $ 40 million.

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