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Established in Hong Kong, BYD electric vehicle R & D Center-glow plug,spark plug

Reporters learned from BYD Auto, BYD has been in Hong Kong Science Park, the establishment of R & D center, with two local agencies to develop Hong Kong's public transport system for electric vehicles.

     According to BYD insiders, the R & D center will mainly develop the right jia electric vehicles for public transport in Hong Kong. Two partner institutions in Hong Kong auto parts and accessories systems R & D Center (APAS) and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), the second half of the first batch of dozens of cars will be electric cars to market.

     Previously, BYD chairman and president of R & D Center was established in Hong Kong, Wang said the BYD is to open the international market through Hong Kong. He also says that he makes in Hong Kong rather than mainland, because Hong Kong is better to promote electric cars, environment, implementation of the electrification of the transportation system needs urgent and relevant investment costs will not be higher than the mainland, at the same time, government support .

     It is understood, three from Hong Kong developed parts will be installed in BYD's electric car, the end of the year show in Hong Kong. For details about the electric car has not yet announced details.

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