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Thailand's auto output will reach 2 million next year-glow plug,spark plug

Thai Automotive Industry Association (TAIA) has said that as Thailand's domestic auto sales and rising demand for automotive export markets, Thailand's auto production in 2012 reached 200 million, in 2011 Thailand's auto output will reach 180 million units.

     Thai Automotive Industry Association president PiengjaiKaewsuwan said that although the March earthquake in Japan caused the Thai automotive industry to a certain degree of impact, but the Thai auto industry offset the negative impact. He also said, in fact, the earthquake disaster in Japan so that part of the Japanese auto and parts manufacturers choose to shift production to Thailand.

     Kaewsuwan that the auto industry has been one of the pillar industries of Thailand, the Thai government's support of the industry will not change, the international economic environment and consumer purchasing power will continue to develop well. In addition, the Thai government's new minimum daily wage of workers is unlikely to limit the impact on Thailand's automotive industry.

     Kaewsuwan also pointed out that the Thai government plans to achieve corporate tax reduction will benefit the automotive industry for the future.

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