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Johnson Controls Battery Technology R & D Center renovation completed-glow plug,spark plug

According to PR Newswire news, July 26, 2011 Johnson Controls battery R & D center and factory refurbished rebuilt after the completion of the test re-run. The center and factory based in Glendale, Wisconsin City, is North America's largest energy storage technology research and development center.

     Johnson Controls is the area of ​​46,000 square feet of existing laboratory and office re-design is aimed to give the customer to produce enough batteries. The renovation is part of the funds from 2009 obtained from the ARRA $ 299 million grant (ARRA, AmericanRecoveryandReinvestmentAct, that "the U.S. economic recovery bill"). Johnson Controls is not only expanded the scale, and increased investment in scientific R & D facilities, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Madison, respectively, set up a laboratory.

     Newly renovated facility with the most advanced equipment, including CT scanners, X-ray diffraction and drying room. This is also the largest since 1983, the most thorough renovation. Founded in 2007, battery test equipment to be refurbished, covers an area of ​​9000 square feet, doubled. Internal installation in extreme conditions (heat, cold, vibration) testing of advanced equipment.

     The renovation of Johnson Controls will create more job opportunities.

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